DermaZor cream- the most effective cure for Psoriasis
DermaZor cream is a revolutionary formula designed to treat and alleviate irritated skin, pruritus, dandruff, thick skin and redness caused by Psoriasis, and in addition it prevents and minimizes recurring flares. The natural DermaZor formula is a scientific breakthrough with proven efficacy in the treatment of psoriatic lesions and restoration of the skin’s natural and healthy condition.

A new life for Psoriasis patients – at any age, anytime, anywhere!
DermaZor, an exclusive development of Prestigio, is a global breakthrough in treating psoriatic lesions. The unique formula was tested for years in Psoriasis clinics in Israel, under the supervision and monitoring of a team of scientists, chemists and pharmacists, headed by a physician with a worldwide reputation in the field of Psoriasis. Thanks to creative and inventive thinking, persistence and implementation of unique innovative technologies – the R&D team has managed to create the long-expected outcome:
DermaZor – for a new quality of life!
  • No-grease, no-mess, no-stain formula, free of undesired odors.
  • Contains natural ingredients for all skin types.
  • Suitable for all ages above the age of 2.
  • Does not contain steroids, chemicals, or coal tar.
  • Gentle texture, pleasant fragrance, suave and easy to use.
  • Suitable for all skin types, in all conditions and anywhere in the body.
  • No adverse events.
DermaZor - a deep reaching treatment
DermaZor's ingredients are of the finest quality from the most trustworthy suppliers worldwide. They have been carefully selected by our experts after a thorough and rigorous search. The efficacy of the ingredients and the unique manufacturing process assure that the ointment will penetrate the skin layers and yield a visibly Psoriasis-free skin. The treatment is deep and multi-layered:
  • It moisturizes the skin providing immediate relief.
  • It reduces irritation and pruritus.
  • It reduces redness and restores the skin’s natural and healthy condition.
  • It nurtures the skin leaving it soft and smooth for many hours.
  • Gentle texture, pleasant fragrance, suave and easy to use.
The therapeutic effect begins with the first application.The effect lasts for hours, until the next time you apply the cream, and as a result the skin is continuously treated around the clock. This way your skin is treated in the fastest, most effective and safe manner. You can see the fast and unprecedented results within 7 days. When used regularly, recurring flares are minimized.
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Completely Natural
DermaZor does not have corticosteroids , chemicals, or coal tar in its composition. This quality makes it suitable for the treatment of skin diseases in children from age 2 as well. It can be applied at any stage of the disease. Its high efficiency is achieved by using unique natural components.
"For me, Psoriasis is history. I apply the formula and forget all about it!”
Beni, 56
You can see the happiness in my daughter’s eyes! She was reborn! - Maya, mother of 12-year-old Lee
Over the years I have spent a lot of money on ointments, but nothing helped. After using DermaZor for seven straight days, only a light redness was visible.”
- Eduard, 60
“After having tried so many preparations, I found it hard to believe. But it worked!”
- Hanna, 42
Twenty years ago I had my first Psoriasis outbreak all over my body, and for 20 years no ointment I used helped! Until I started using DermaZor. Now I’m clean.”
- Yossi, 65
"Following a traumatic event, my 10-year-old boy, Nathan, got Psoriasis all over his body. No ointment helped, we tried everything! He didn’t understand why all this is happening to him. Other kids made fun of him! He was boycotted, and when he agreed to go to school he always wore a hat and long clothes. Until we started using DermaZor. Within a few days you could see a significant improvement, and after 8 days he was clean of Psoriasis! Clean of Psoriasis after 5 long and hard years. For the first time in years he can wear short clothes and no hat.”
- Meirav, Tel Aviv
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